*Life by Timothy Beasley*

I sit here and have so many visions of Mrs right,how she would be or how my Life would be if It was that special someone in my life. I been away for awhile and I’m willing to go out my comfort zone to be happy. But I’m willing to be open minded and I don’t discriminate. I learned by being away to embrace and uplift people and cherish what I have and I don’t mind working hard to get what I want.
I be outta this crazy place next year and I’m looking for someone to share this life with.
Also I have 1 child he is 7 going on 35 lol! But he is my life,so I do love kids.
They bring the good outta you,and show you life is worth more than it seems.
I am doing a 7yr bid I go home next year. I’m from Cleveland but I wanna move to a new state to start fresh. we know fresh is always better.
I don’t ask for much but honesty and loyalty cause it don’t cost nothing to be yourself. My B-Day is Jan,20 1988 old I know right but wise I think. And I would say my sound choice is RnB but open to listen to anything,and I like to read. I prefer Robert Greene books,etc. I also went to school for Graphic Arts
and cooking I always thought cooking is the best way to anybody heart lol.
And I love chess and challenges so if u think that you are a challenge if open to see.
I know u might think some of this is a fairy tale the way I speak but it come’s with growth and understanding for the time I been away and I don’t have time to be on no young minded stuff especially when I could find my queen or maybe my wife .
I luv a strong minded women that can hold her own in any situation and be a lady at the same time, I’m trying to build something worth holding on to spiritually, mentally, physically and my philosophy comes with luv understanding of a growth of a queen. If you believe in a vision like mine,come vent with me.

Tim Beasley
DOC #624-069


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