My Repentance Journey- by Sean Brown

To me, remorse means the realization of having committed such a wrong that you’ve moved past regret to the point where you now become a new person who could never repeat that same behavior. Remorse initiates a process of change in how you think, speak, act, & live b/c you refuse to allow yourself to repeat the past. Remorse is deeper than regret. It takes you on an introspective journey of honest analysis & Self-Improvement in order to make amends. This change in perspective & living,… this process…, is Repentance!
My Life has become a Journey of Repentance. It haunts me that b/c of me 2 parents had to bury their son, a sister lost her brother, & a son never got to know his father. I live with this remorse daily & it fuels me to never be that same selfish, reckless, angry 20 yr. old kid from 2 decades ago. Each day I live to be a better man than the day before, & I work to continue thinking on higher levels, instilling new patterns & habits. There are some acts we commit in life which we can’t ever make right. But we can break cycles & make better decisions. We can ensure that we learn from our choices, that we become wiser & more compassionate citizens of the world.
Muhammad Ali once said,” Service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on planet Earth.” Selfless service to others is our obligation; better yet it’s our privilege & honor to be able to do for others. After all, we only receive Blessings so that we can be a Blessing to others. The past 20 yrs. of incarceration have helped me learn these lessons b/c I’ve embraced the time & opportunity to slow down, change my Thinking, figure out who I really am, & decide who I will be. This is my journey; doing what I can to help prevent guys from repeating the same cycles when they leave prison, & reaching out to the Youth in order to help keep them from ending up in prison. I realize that amends is a lifelong process of giving back & doing all I can to prevent others from making the same horrible choices I made. So I continually ask myself these questions we should all consider:
What will I contribute to the world?
What will my Life stand for?
How will I be remembered?

Sean Brown
DOC #1083630

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  1. What a beautiful way to redeem the past. Just remember that God has forgiven you so you should also forgive yourself. Shame is not equal to righteousness or holiness. It is one thing to repent, it is another thing to continue to reside in the pain of your past. True repentance means you turn away from the old and walk into a new life. Blessings.

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