Charles Allen


If u dont stand for something, you can fall for anything and everything
ain’t what it seem, so read between the lines, because what it say ain’t
what it mean–
See looks can be deceiving, believe me and tomorrow ain’t promised so thank GOD for each evening—-
I’ve learned from being on the receiving end of teaching that when “praises go up blessings come down” and when love is counterfeit that’s when hatred is found.
They say misery loves company, but company ain’t good company if they make u miserable-
and if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then check your physical
cause a bad attitude can make you UGLY therefore you and beauty
aren’t identical.
These words were written to reach the minds of the intelligent indivdualsso comprehending should’nt be difficult,
whether male or female ,blue collar worker or criminal always keep your
UGLY to a minimum.

DOC #461-704


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