Dennis Tuck

eagle’s view on asatru by dennis tuck

i’m a true blue 6’250# brownhaired hazel eyed norse/irish heathen priest of a asatru poly-minded kindred being formed calle kons erda (kings of the earth)i’ve been in prision since march 10 1995 and see the parole board again 2-23-21 a long journey, as such my views on asatru (a european faith)are not non-sence ramblings as most of the for profit books/priest are. i’d like to discuss any and all points of view that make you think.if intrested contact me at under dennis tuck 307870 for quicker reply… if your using snail mail contact me at
mr.dennis p. tuck 307870
po box 901
leavittsburg,ohio 44430
prision rules are no more than 5 pages at a time photos no larger than 5×7 3 per envolope
fara med godanum
go with the gods
white eagle odinnsson

Dennis P. Tuck
DOC #307870

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