Second Chance Quest by Temple Bravo

Second Chance Quest was founded by prisoners and family members to bring much needed light to the plights of prisoners in the United States. Mind you, the U.S. currently has the largest prison population on the planet, so it becomes quite evident that more attention needs to bear on its causes and affects. SCQ was formed to meet such challenge. With that said, it is imperative that we call the attention of the people of the Untied States, and the world for that matter, to take note of the grave injustice perpetrating upon the citizens of the United States.
The mass imprisonment of U.S. citizens is having a tremendous impact on the spouses and children of the more than 2.3 million incarcerated men and women across the nation. That picture is certainly not the type of image that we all come to believe democracy represents. The United States, time and time again, has stared the world straight in the eyes and declare, “follow our lead, we are a just society,” yet she outdo every other nation on the planet in locking up her own citizens, and in some cases, for the simplest infractions imaginable.
Countless individuals arrives in the U.S. everyday from all over the world, some for higher education, some for business, this broken justice system affects them as well, so in all honesty, this has become a world problem and an embarrassment for the United States. Yes, our justice system is broken and it is trapped in a never ending downward spiral with what seems to be no way out. However, there is optimism, Second Chance Quest propose that our Justice System need to seriously revisit the countless proposals of implementing “alternative sanctions”, especially in the case of nonviolent offenders. And at the same time, give those offenders who have made grave errors in committing violent offences, if shown they are truly rehabilitated, a genuine second chance in life. Giving them a second chance, is in truth, saving their spouses and children from a life of crime. And in the end, saving tax payers millions of dollars in the housing of the largest prison population on earth.

Temple Bravo
DOC #1190151

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