Anthony Waters

poetry: BLACK JESUS by Anthony L.Waters

Every white blue eyes blond hair Jesus brought nothing but pain and blood shed with destruction to our people,
now I see why we ain’t equal.

Jesus was a political speaker,
Black leader,
he spoke up for the people,
look what happen to all the black activist’s when they advocated for the community and brought forth unity.

It’s black Pride,
they whipped Jesus from his front to his backside,
even modern day to day they still taken black lives
two worlds collided when blacks died,

its only one treasure that can walk through a desert and embrace the hurt,
it’s not a European,
they would be dead,blistered or bleeding.

being Black is beautiful even when its critical,
let’s look at the facts,
hair of wool,
skin of bronze,
what color of man is that?

if white people have a problem with a black Jesus,
then black people should have a problem with a white Jesus,
I’m just stating the facts
I don’t see how us black people let a white Jesus slip through the cracks.

I’m a mulism,
but we can go to the book of Acts,
its in the bible and I’ll show u how Jesus was one of the biggest rival,
chapter 10 verse 11 through 30,
they tried to make it seem like Jesus words was unworthy,
the same way they was doing our own people before u and me,
hell I only heard of black people who was hung from a tree..

black churchs has a image of a made up white man on the wall posted,
how did we lose focus.

life is memorable but equivocal when it comes down to the biblical,
Are we ashamed of our Jesus that’s Original?
knowledge is power,
knowing Jesus is black,
makes blacks even more powerful…

we been brain washed to believe we wasn’t deceived,
the knowledge of Jesus being black was retrieved,
so as I proceed to give u what we need,
please just take heed,
I’ll challenge every black person to pick up a book and just read.

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786

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  1. Questions; Do you ha e the Spirit of God in you? The bible says that without the Spirit you cannot understand the scriptures. Why do you think Jesus was black? The Bible says He was Jewish. Is it because it says “White like wool? It doesn’t say it was wool bust white as wool. Why do you say Jesus was a political leaders? He didn’t come tas a politician but as a Savior; to save us from our sons and eternal punishment in hell, that’s what the Bible teaches. Why do you think Jesus had blue eyes? Nobody knows for sure, but it wasn’t about what color eyes he had. He came to save sinners like you and me, that’s what the Bible teaches. What other man said, “I am the way, the truth and the life”? Joseph Smith is dead, Muhammad is dead, but Jesus is alive and is coming back some day. It doesn’t matter what color, race, ethnicity, etc, he was, He came to save us from eternal punishment. Remember, Jesus loves you and He came and gave his life (took the punishment we deserve) on the cross so we can have forgiveness for our sins.


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