Love lessons from a correctional facility by Jeremy Burchett

I know there’s going to be some woman that read this and probably hate me but sometimes the truth hurts.
I’ve been in prison for ten years…….let that sink in for a minute, now I’m going to tell you I’m going on 28 years old, I only have a few years left thank god, so pity me not. I did it to myself anyways, so anybody that does time chooses to do there bit as it best suites them, some get high the entire time others might choose to get wrapped up in prison politics and play in that arena or some get on psych drugs and float thru there time on cloud nine, but as for myself I choose to do my time with woman…….I have always talked to multiple woman my entire time in prison I’m even married to one……….fuuuukkk!!!, now granted most of us guys are slime balls, I being one of those, I at least tell woman up front I talk to other woman, my whole defense is they know where I’m sleeping every night and know I’m not sleeping with nobody else so most grudgingly except it if they wants to talk, now let me be up front about my self some more, I don’t milk woman for money…….. I get 50$ a month in my account and I’m not allowed anymore, I also get a secure pack every three months and between the two they come from my Mom and Dad for which I’m grateful to them both so I don’t have my woman sending 100’s of dollars every which way like some other guys do, I’ve thought about it and maybe I should but I don’t, I know more than a few guys that do there girls like that and all I can think is there the stupidest woman I know because of it, take for instance I know a woman and she has always been attracted to dirt bags and dude who go in and out of prison, well she married a guy in here and was sending him hundreds of dollars a week…..yea I said a week and he was singing a nice tune for her the whole 6 or 7 years he was in and guess what happened when he got out?????? he’s done just about every messed up thing there is to her sense then, robbed her ass, drained her bank account, ran thru her plastic, beat her ass, basically just does whatever he want and she still messes with the dude, in not saying it is right, I don’t condone putting hands on woman or any of that, but if a woman is stupid enough to just take it then she gets what she got coming, anyways the woman I talk to are all messed up in a way and all they really want is, someone to listen to there problems and make them feel good, and that’s what I do, I get what I want out of them by having someone come see me and to talk freaky to once in awhile and they get someone to listen to all there self made problems, I swear somethimes I think I should be a shrink or something with all the times I’ve talked a woman off the ledge……… that’s were men in prison earn theres in the relationship, just being here to listen too you and most the time I’m happy to because it gives me something to get my mind off of this place, but after ten years of it I’m getting so tired of it listening to the crying about the men they date and that don’t do shit but mess them over or the woman crying over how messed up there life is but at the same time don’t get off there asses and do shit cause there lazy as fuck and just want a man to do it for them……see I told you some of you would read this and think I’m a asshole………. well duh!! I kinda told you I’m a special brand of asshole, I don’t have any reason to lie nor do I want to, that’s my pet peav, lieing……. it drives me bug shit, especially when im lied to about something I already know about like these woman I talk to that say they don’t mess with other dudes………… my wife who lied for so long about it before she came clean, BTW we are no longer together and I’m glad because she’s one woman I can honestly say I might fatten her lip later on down the road….don’t judge me please you don’t know the reasons and I don’t have the room to tell you…. anyways the reason I call bullshit with the woman messing around is I like crazy woman and woman who are………shit I cant say this without it sounding bad so I’ll just say it….I like sluts plain and simple I’ve always went for the crazy and easier the better, because it makes for the best sex….. anyways that comes with a whole set of problems on its own and all my woman are messed up in one way or another, and I don’t hold that against them I take the bad in exchange for some good good hahaha but as I’m getting older, I’m becoming more of a man and I’m changing, ten freaking years and I just want a woman that isn’t half retarted in every way possible, but what I’ve been slowly realizing is that most of the good girls that are willing to talk to someone that is in prison, talk to straight clowns who just fuck them over, so the whole rant I’ve been going on is come to this lady’s, take this advice from a guy who will tell you he’s an asshole…… love exists but if your looking for it in a correction facility…… then your probably not making a good life choice its fine to have a friendship with one of us fine upstanding gentlemen such as myself but don’t you fucking dare bring that 4 letter life destroyer into that friendship and if the dude says it first then he’s fishing and probably at that point he done caught one, if so………. I’m sorry for you by chance you find a good dude and things turn out like a fairytale then thats great and I’m happy for your ass to, love is great, love can make the world great…..however there’s just to many people that have hidden agendas and disguise it with love, so by the time the right people meet there both so burnt out and leary of the other that the relationship is doomed at the jump……….

Jeremy Burchett
DOC #718049


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