Leon Lampkins

Caged Bird Sings by: Leon Lampkins

I stand before you guilty as said. Serving a 62 year sentence for multiple robbery’s and firearm possession. Why I chose this route stems solely from greed. Wanting things in life for free. That All Mighty Dollar [We] praise so heavily. In the beginning I thought to myself, ” there’s no way I do all this time.” Disregarding the fact that I caused people harm in the process. 19 years later I can honestly say I am a changed man. Now I know some of you are thinking, “oooh…here we go with the rhetoric,” now all of a sudden you feel remorse.” Not that I am complaining but try living in a bathroom with another man and I guarantee you’ll feel the same. What’s been weighing heavily on my heart lately is how [We The People…] are quick to judge but not willing to resolve the matter. As crazy as this may sound it should become a requirement that everyone serve a sentence, similar to jury duty. Feel the effects of solitude. Why? Because, we no longer see the bigger picture. I remember a time when the news wasn’t always negative. People had love for one another. Life was about peace. A lot comes to mind when your forced to look in the mirror. Something to think about.

” There is always a piece of fortune in misfortune.” (Japanese proverbs)

Leon Lampkins
DOC #1063952

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