Angelo Vasquez

Human Rights. By Angelo Vasquez

Hello I know I haven’t said anything for a long time…college is over for a few weeks so I can chill now. I want discuss something that’s always been unfair and ignored. Human Rights, I seen the gay community in prison always struggle with being excepted in religious services.Which results to the practice of spirituality alone in a cell, which in my opinion is most holy.though this way requires a spiritual package, and the only spiritual package approved that does not discriminate is a Wiccan vendor and its been the same old bland stuff. though recently I seen a quality catalog for the gay community that doesn’t discriminate and is new,colorful,and a complete hub of quality items for spiritual development. my point is this CDC has embraced the gay community allowing trans to receive certain hygienic items and passes out condoms.that’s improvement though not enough that is only the physical side of the gay community. what of the religious/spiritual side? this is why I’m here to advocate not advertise that
“Firme Arte internet Bodega” # Firme Arte. (ran by Natali G)
become a new vendor/religious hub for every one though especially the gay/queer/trans community within CDC and outside as well.

Angelo Vasquez
CDC #G07505

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