“Justice?”by Shaheed James

The following information is presented to the reader in order to invoke the kind of curiosity that compells Justice to raise its noble head.The resonation of a flawed justice system throughout the country seldom exposes the Courts to there method of prosecution, granted they permitted the impropriety, until a curious mind refuses to concede to rejection.While impediments tend to inspire as well as teach us determination along the way the journey itself is the prize yet few of us are willing to endure its challenges.
What does it say to us that Gov.McDonnel could be found guilty,denied Appeals, then have the U.S. Sup. Ct. award him relief on a minor technicality?The U.S.Sup.Ct. only chooses to hear cases if they want to because they dont have mandates so what made them hear his case and not Skeeter’s or Jimbo’s?Are the wealthy even influential within the U.S.Supreme Court?Well what is the price for justice/liberty?What is the media’s responsibility if they are willfully looking the other way to this descrepency or selecting what truth to report?Why is ratings more important than life & liberty?
There seems to be this misconception that violent offenders are incorrigible and should be discarded from society but the reality is they are living amongst you in your daily lives.You cannot shield yourself from this truth or you’ll find yourself voting to deport an entire race of ppl only to learn your neighbor is caught in that hate-filled web.
Violent offenders are the new n-word label used to justify injustice,discrimination, and complete willful ignorance.You cannot trust these tough on crime slogans anymore and this overflow of the VaDOC is a testament to that.No one is suggesting that these men released back into society should be invited into your home but to ignore these claims for liberty after showing a consistent pattern of reform puts you on a level of elitist. The shame of denying a man employment based on his skin color but what’s the difference if he is denied based on his prior offense?
Violent offenders are:
maintaining employment,attending religious services for years,facilitating therapy classes,teachers aide’s,earning College degree’s,Mentoring mental health & substance abuse offender,learning vocational skills,creating positive programs,starting non profits,sponsoring school supplies drives,assisting law enforcement with prevention programs all from prison.
There is no one capable of making the claim that they never heard of anyone serving multiple years in prison only to be vindicated.In 2016 171 were released across the country as falsely accused,in 2017 it was 139.There are very few people in this country who don’t at least no someone in the justice syste. or been imprisoned. If you can’t ship people out of the country who are different that you then you can’t lock them up away from you.This is a real problem that the media must hold those accountable who are violating the publics trust.Ignoring this traigns aligns you with the problem.Whether someone is innocent or not guilty the same outrage should be displayed that this person is still incarcerated.To be Innocent is to be falsely accused and to be not guilty is to have been found guilty by illegal means.Those entrusted to enforce the law are expected to abide by the law and that’s Justice.Whether the defendant is underprivileged or not they deserve the same treatment.
Its been over 2-3yrs that the U.S.Supreme Court ruled juveniles sentenced to life are violations of the cruel and unusual punishment statue of The U.S.Constitution so why are these men still incarcerated in Va?

Shaheed James
DOC #1015960

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