Dontay Horton

Defintion of a Diva, by Dontay Horton

When ever i see you
you are my fatel attraction
when you are in front of the mirror
its lights, cameras action.
I’am obsessed with you
how you always
keep your hair & nails done.
you are one of a kind
you are on a higher echelon
I have have fetish for you
and those green eyes
since our encounter
you have been a blessen in disquise
I’am attracted to your sassy mentality
i love how classy you are
with that diva personality.
you gave me multiple memorys
always seducing me
with all your dia tendencys
you will always be my faorite
because you are one hell of a female
i love the smell of your fragrance
of you as a female
you have a gorgeous complexion
as beautiful as you are
consider it a blessen
being the women who you are
healty & beauty
is what i have seen in you lately
you always act like women
and think like a lady
you are the one that i will never doubt
because you always gave me
the benrfit of the doubt
i cant wait to kiss on those lips
while i stair in your eyes
I’am infatuated
with you and those hips & thies
I will always give you recognition
when ever i see ya
i wrote this for you
because you are the definition of a diva

Dontay Horton
DOC #623-375

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