Travis Tucker

(I had a nightmare) by Travis Tucker (Alpha Omega)

I once had a dream/that I once had a seed/in fertile grass that’s green/the grass I speak of is my queen/the seed I gave her is the future of a king/we came into life married you mines by nature we dont need permission or a ring/we been ripped apart in pieces/I mean,we went from building temples to chained down on boat’s In feces/babies ripped from the womb 100 lashes on my back/still being thrown in the system can you imagine being black/some of my friends tell me that’s in the past look at these good southern people/I reframe from telling them kiss my a** until we treated like equals/there’s not apart 2 there’s no sequel racism is cancer freedom for all peoples/we can’t even get 30,000 votes for 65% we doing 85% there’s no real difference from the needle and these are your american heroes Mr trump no disrepect but these are the Americans we know!!!

Travis s Tucker #1091722
Nottoway corr center
burkeville,va 488

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