Today is the day that women are praised,
for all of their motherly deeds;
for supporting, nurturing, and birthing our children,
giving them all of the things that they need.

A true mother is kind but respected,
cause at times she has to be firm;
At times there’s trials both good and bad,
and so many lessons to be learned.

This is not just a poem or words alone,
I need you to know that you’re appreciated;
Don’t give up on yourself when times get hard,
let this be your inspiration.

Some women give in and give up on their child,
but that’s not the right thing to do;
You’re a blessing from God so believe in yourself,
the world needs more women like you.

For the fathers that’s there I commend you,
if you’re not then you’re dead wrong;
She didn’t make that child by herself,
so she shouldn’t have to raise it alone.

You’re a wonderful mother and the world adores you,
and wouldn’t want you no other way;
You deserve much more than words alone,
but for now “Happy Mothers Day”

Ronnell.L. Suggs #653457
P.O.Box 56
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

Categories: holidays, poems, Ronnell Suggs

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