( injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.) by Orie Anderson

I’ve been in prison for 10yrs and 6 months for a murder I didn’t commit. over the course of the years I’ve hired private investigators to interview eyewitnesses to this crime. I’ve gained 3 video depositions from eyewitnesses stating that I was not there at the scene of this crime at all! including a video confession from a states star witness in my trial saying he lied at my trial for his own personal reasons and I was not there at the time of this crime. I lack the financial ability to hire the needed defense. so, the battle to get my evidence in front of the proper people in order to be freed is an up hill battle. I was convicted with absolutely no physical evidence that tied me to this crime what so ever! multiple people testified that they did not see me at the crime scene. however, my conviction was based upon false testimony from criminals looking to make deals with the prosecutor in order to have assistance in there own cases. I have 3 different eyewitnesses that where documented as being present at the time of this murder who all have cleared my name on video depositions. I have more evidence proving my innocence than the courts had proving my guilt in my trial. but even with all that I still sit in a maximum security prison because I can’t afford the proper defense any longer. ” injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”! martin Luther king ain’t never lied!!!!!!,smh!

Orie Anderson #a560232

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  1. Can’t imagine what you’re going thru 😯 I’m so sorry. Over 10 yrs 😐
    I would lose my mind if I knew I was innocent but couldn’t prove it.
    Wish the justice system would actually provide just that; but they’re more wrapped up in helping themselves n their buddies than ‘we the people.’ Not a fan of the system, not even a little. Keep blogging n ‘networking’ the WP community .. never know maybe you could cross paths with a really great lawyer, one with integrity, who genuinely cares & atm happens to be doing a year of pro-bono work loll
    I believe in always being positive & optimistic .. never give up 🤓
    You’re important, you matter 🙆‍♀️
    Sending positive vibes 🤙🐾🌴


    • I’d lose my mind – at first.
      Guess then I’d be asking myself what is the reason for this, cuz I’ve always felt that there’s a reason for everything. I’d wonder if life was redirecting me on this path for some reason, like I guess I would have to try n certify myself in something.. maybe I’d study, become a lawyer then help people in the same situation .. dunno, just speculating .. ☺ Sending you Love 😶


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