Alan Thrower

THE FACE OF GOD by AlanThrower

By One God
The face of god is definitely Man-like, Masculine, Strong, but with soft eyes you cannot deny how beautiful God is to you. Attracted to his face, he’s ugly like a MAN yet pretty like a WOMAN, One knows exactly where he gets his looks from….
Sapienized to give you a better picture of what he looks like. All mankind comes from he who is the worlds first inhabitant, With thick full Lips, and a wide broad Nose god glows with radiance and spectacle…
His face defines youth, seen by the wisdom he holds, you wouldn’t think god is that old. 5 million years to be exact but trust me, he’s intact with mind-boggling intelligence. Which makes him even more mysterious to the eyes we see because to me god looks like a Negroid specimen…..
what odds is THE FACE OF GOD that he looks like me…..with a hominoid-like appearance When God smiles you see a peaceful face, and from that moment I knew that God was the Negro race which was THE FACE OF GOD….

Alan Thrower #AI1509


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  1. I do not know what God looks like. We were made in His image. The Bible tells us that no one has seen the full face of God and lived. However it helps to think of Him, whatever it takes to draw nearer to Him, think that way and do those things. Ask for His help and He will give it. Pray to Him for knowledge and He will give it–as He sees fit, according to His will.
    God’s Blessings and Peace–


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