Thank you for your recognition of my efforts towards the education of my mind and body.
Unfortunately, the majority of my life I thought that the educated person was the one who possessed numerous college degrees and/or credentials. This ultimately led me to believe myself to be inferior in comparing myself to people of “higher learning.” Unfortunately, I had never even given much thought to the fact that there are some people who are well informed by the worlds best Universities, yet, still unproductive in their actions, character, and deeds – uneducated. Nor I didnt understand the detriment of the western worlds flawed idea of education which focuses more on informing and instructing people on how to make better things rather than how to make better people.
Today, however, I understand that Education is the foundation through which we build and develop the means to not only swim through the world of information, but also to develop a self-identity and purpose in relation to our enviornment which allows us to sufficiently function inside the world of ideas. In this sense, the truly educated person becomes a resource for change as confirmed by Ghandis adage, “You Must First Be The Change You Wish to See In The World.”
In fact, as we know, words like people have history, and in tracing the etymology of the word “education” we arrive at its Latin Root “educere” which means to “bring forth or to bring out”. Therefore, education in its original sense expresses the process through which we bring forth or bring out the best in someone. Once this process has began, we then become the center of our enviornment (universe) and it begins expanding from us.
As we know, we Live in a world thats quick to judge and slow to forgive. The unfortunate thing about this is that people are often defined for their dark past rather than being recogonized for their efforts made towards a even brighter future. This holds especially true for those of us who are already condemned within these walls. Under these circumstances, Good deeds are often seen as being rooted in deceptive intent. and unfortunately, the pure in heart and deed are often seen as having this same evil intent.
However, within every phenomenal of life, Change always begins on the inside while gradually working its way out. This signifies that inside these walls, is like the womb where growth can occur for those who genuinely want to experience life again. Of course, just as with anything in life, many fake the funk and only a few hold true. But the line between the two is so thin that it becomes evident and through ones character those who are genuine and true.
As we know, character speaks volumes of ones education and refinement, even louder than words. It speaks even louder of the person who is able to recognize such reform of those within these walls. I know that It takes an extremely great person and an even greater mind to see someone for who they truly are despite the many stigmas of their past. With that being said, as I continue to strive daily to bring out the best in myself – a best that has no limit – I thank you for seeing me for who I truly am.
With that being said, I also recognize and commend your education as well as the character through which it is expressed. All in all, thank you, congrats and continue to embrace the almighty stars of Understanding, for it (Understanding) truly is the best part of Life.

Peace and Blessings

Tommie Forster #1403251
Nottoway Correctional Center
P.O. Box 488
Burkeville, Virginia 23922

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  1. Hi Tommie, thank you for this insightful post! It’s true, it’s easy to feel inferior to people with lots of degrees and education. But one thing that cannot be taught is a good attitude and humility. These are worth their weight in gold compared to degrees. I’ve worked in university education for about 5 years now, and I have met some great people and some terrible people of the same level of intelligence. The difference? Their hearts. A truly talented teacher is someone who is still humble enough to learn themselves. You have some true talent and think in an interesting way. I just want to encourage you on in your journey. Keep writing!


  2. Thank you for this piece of writing!
    And if I may add, it has inspired my next article which I will begin writing as soon as I finish writing this comment. Love!


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