A sad day with life and death, running from the police is just not worth the risk, by Paul Stotts

The dangers of running from the police are real. In simple terms, DON’T DO IT!!! You risk your own life, you risk the life of others, and the consiquences only get much worse with running. My simple maunfacturing meth charge turned into an attempted second degree murder conviction when my car collided into another when I fled police. My victom and myself both lived. My good friend Logan wasn’t as lucky when he fled police April 23, 2018 two days ago.
One of my best friends Logan Cooper was killed when he was fleeing a traffic stop. Logan was on a motorcycle and hit another car. Logan was 28. He just got out of Lansing, the prison I’m in about a year ago. We grew up only miles apart and went to the same highschool. He spent time at my house as well. So as you can imagine, when I sow him come to prison, I had a bit of joy that I knew someone that I could trust, a rare thing in prison.
Logan had issues with drugs. He used it to cope when his brother died in Highschool, Mostly meth, the same drug I’ve had issues with. We’ve been in contact since he’s got out, as he had a baby with my cousin Bailey. Bailey and my mom came to visit Logan and I several times at visit as Bailey and my mom live in the same town almost 4 hours from the prison. Them were some of the best visits. Hanging out with my mom, my cousin Bailey, and my homeboy from the joint Logan. It was good times.
Damn it man, now he’s gone….. Logan and I spent a lot of time in prison hanging out. He only did a short bit and got out early on appeal. It was his first time in prison. Hw wasn’t the prison type, but he got along just fine as him personality was really outgoing and friendly. The first day he touched down on the yard, I had him a jar of coffee and some crunch. I told him I heard he was dating my cousin before he got locked up and that she really liked him. Then I hollered at my Mexican homeboys and got him a job on the plumbing crew. I set him up as soon as he got here. He was one of the very few people I could trust at all times. If you read my blog about my TV being stolen, Logan was right there by my side ready to rectify the situation. I remember walking the track and explaining to Logan how I had a suspishion that Possim stole my TV. Logan was like “let’s go confront that thief right now.” I could sense the situation would have escalated if Logan and I went to confront Possum, so I told him we better not, no need for trouble for us. He was ready to ride at the drop of a hat though. It’s just the type of guy he was, he was going to ride with you, ask questions later.
Another story that I will rememebr for a life time… this memory is a great one, and a bit funny in the after math… so as you may know, us fellons in the joint doing hard time don’t always walk the line perfect. One day I decided to indulge in some good ol’ prison hooch. This stuff was potent and I got trahsed. I was in another part of the prison that was way out of area for me. I happened to pass Logan and he could see I was in a bit of trouble. Logans like “bro, your drunk… I got some Chrispy Cream donets in my cell, let’s go to my cell and you can chill out a bit because your way to drunk to be wondering around.” “I was like heck ya… donets, what are we waiting for, good idea!!!” I went to logans cell, ate about a half box of donets (the prison just passed out Chrispy Creams on a fundraiser that day) and chilled out for a bit. Damn them were the days. I’m lucky I didn’t go the the hole that day, but I made it through with the help of my homeboy!!!
Logan was one of them guys that evryone liked. He has a top notch reputation on the yard, everyone knew him and liked him. I just told my unit team today about his death, and sure enough my unit team remembered him from him being in here.
I admire you Logan!!! You were my ride and die homeboy!!! Thanks for the good times, thanks for saving my ass a time or two.
You will not be forgotten. I love you bro. R.I.P Logan Cooper

Paul Stotts
DOC #93319

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  1. I’m really sorry about your friend, Paul. Thinking of you and the rest of your family who are feeling this loss.


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