Eric Hendon

4 seasons of loneliness by Eric Hendon

with the spring time bringing forth new life
a certain void remains within me occupied by emptiness
. yet I’m hopeful
that with the rise of the sun each day
one day a beauty will inhabited my pastures creating
in abundance a joy like I’ve never known
able to withstand the heat that the summer will surely bring.
igniting within me an atomic implosion
caused by nothing other then their very presence
welcoming such drastic changes
allowing ourselves to descend like the leaves
that fall in unison around us
craddled by the brisk winds
gathered as one
to emerge from the realms of darkness that once consumed me
grasping the mixed emotions an frigid elements of the winter
yearning for only the warmth your arms can provide.

Eric Hendon #A683128 56
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

Categories: Eric Hendon, LONELINESS, poems

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