I have a question for my readers…. What exactly is entertainment?? I mean Webster says to “hold in mind” or “re-create”!! Who exactly, benefits the most off what we label as “entertainment”? I have a guess….how about our youth?!? As I think about all the things nowadays the industry creates and promotes as entertainment for our youth, I believe it can be to blame for a lot of the violence demonstrated here recently, and for the majority of mental health problems we face in a bunch of our youth today!!! Walk with me on this for a minute…instead of Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Tetris, and those games of the like, we now have record breaking sales in games like Call of Duty, Halo, True Crime, all games that glorify drugs and violence!!! Then we have the music…where not only in gangsta rap, but now also in pop culture, and even in the R&B genre, it has evolved into a era of music that not only promotes violence and drugs in such an extreme way that we have never witnessed before, but the idols and role models of our generational youth have demonstrated it also in real life efforts (outside of “entertainment”) Even down to the movies that are being made today, (with their record breaking sales/sold out tickets) all subconsciously glorifying violence!!!! I mean if you look at football (and a couple other sports as well) the fines being issued to players for unsportsmanlike conducts, and violent acts towards other players are at a all time high now also!!! Then we throw our hands up, scratch our heads, and can’t seem to wrap our brains around what has gotten into the people who are constantly in the news more and more with each day that passes….for all these senseless acts of violence!!!! What ever you keep on repeaditly putting in over and over will eventually come out!!! To “hold in mind” or “re-create”!!!! We as parents, (cause that’s where it starts with) need to not only be more conscious of what type of entertainment we allow our kids to indulge in, (although that is important) but but of our kids period!!! Cause when we work extra hours/jobs, or feel weighed down with tons of responsibilitys, and feel to tired to explore how our kids day went, what they feel/what they go through…they will find a way to entertain themselves one way or another!!! After all they are our future… right? Am I the only one that feels this way? Am I looking to deep into this? Maybe….but then again, Maybe not!!!

Marcus Henderson
DOC #732-916

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  1. Yeah, I totally agree. There is a clear link between what you consume and put into your brain and heart, and what comes out! I;m not saying that there is direct causal link, but there is definitely association. I also think about social media too. I was fortunate enough to grow up in the era before smart phones. I think back on all my teenage insecurities (think: puppy fat, acne, etc!) and I am SO grateful that there were no constant photos/selfies/uploads for all to see online. I feel genuinely sorry for kids who deal with this now.


  2. I don’t think you are looking to deeply into it, l think you are simply scratching the surface of what should be a thoroughly deep topic anyway.

    Our whole way of life, culture, disciplines and motivations and the list could go on, is diving head first into bloody carnage – however the real conversation perhaps is what can be done to ease back into a less damaging integrity of life perhaps?

    An excellent thought provacative post my friend.


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