To All my Kings and Queens, Man Woman and Child. Peace and Blessings to all.
Within the Nation of Gods and Earths, we are taught that LOVE is the vital building block of all Life. It is through the principle of LOVE that both sexes come together in order to spark life. Therefore, LOVE in its purest element is when Man and Woman have an Understanding of the beautiful role they play in one anothers life. Only when Man and Woman learn to function according to the laws of Nature, will we begin to produce the beauty and Love of a balanced family – man, woman and child.
Through careful study, The Laws of Nature informs us that the order of the universe, is maintained through the mathematical principles of (1) Man and (2) Woman. Point blank, humanity cannot exist without us. Therefore, Man and Woman are the foundation of Life. To further add on, The “12”th letter in the Alphabet, “L” also symbolizes (1) Man and (2) Woman. When (1) Man and (2) Woman unite in harmony they produce the (3) Child which is the Completion of their U-n-iverse. This is why in the Supreme Alphabet the 12th letter “L” means Love/Hell/Right.
As stated in the title, “Love is the highest Elevation of Understanding” and a misunderstanding brought forth Hell (confusion). When we take a careful and honest assessment of the current state of Man and Woman it is clear to see that we are confused about the meaning of Love due to our lack of Understanding each other. By misunderstanding each others value and importance it results in broken homes. Only when we come to Understand (Love) each other, will our relationships come out Right and exact… hence: Love/Hell/Right.
Again, Love is the highest Elevation of Understanding, therefore, The degree that we are able to Love each other is determined by our level of Understanding. This is because Understanding is the ability to see ourselves and each other for who we truly are and not what we appear to be. We are Kings and Queens (the best part of life) and not the Niggas and Bitches (the worst part) that the world teaches us we are. Therefore, it is demanded that we learn to see ourselves as Kings and Queens in order to regain our long lost respect in this world.
Keep in mind, if we don’t respect ourselves how can we expect others to respect us. Therefore, If we continue seeing each other as only being physical creatures with phats asses/big dicks etc, then how can we ever come to understand true Love. It is mathematically impossible. In fact, no matter where we look, how fine he or she is, we can never find true Love through seeking temporary gratification. Instead, the only thing that we can find through a quick fuck is more disappointment, distrust and unfortunately, a another child born into a world of confused relationship, and environment.
Unfortunately, man and woman have been wrong in our relationships with one another for so long that some of us reading these words are ourselves, products of broken homes. If we continue in the wrong direction, misrepresenting Love, how can we ever build anything lasting with our opposite sex; in fact, Man and Woman will continue to perpetuate this cycle of Hell just as predicted by Willie Lynch, the man who took away our strength, substance and understanding (Look up Willie Lynch Letter). However, Now is the time for us to get it Right (Understand each other).
Bare witness that before we get to the 12th letter “L”ove, we must first get to the 11th letter “K”ing. This means that we men must come to Know that we are Kings and that our women are made in our image as Queens. In this Proper state of thinking, with the correct (1) Knowledge (2) Wisdom and(3) Understanding, Man, Woman and Child are able to Produce a family, life and Universe of true Love, Peace and Happiness. As King, I deserve the Love of a Queen and all Queens deserve the Love of a King. This is the natural Order of Supreme Mathematics. Therefore, men ask yourself, when you seek a woman, Do you Love how phat her ass is? Or do you Love the natural beauty that radiates from her heart and mind? And Women, ask yourself do you Love how much money your dude got, or how well he beats it up? Or do you Love that he treats you like the Queen that you are? Keep in mind, we define our own reality, therefore, Its time for us to reassess our lives because depending upon what we Love is our highest elevation of Understanding.

Proper Education Always Corrects Errors

I seek Feedback…

Tommie Forster #1403251
Nottoway Correctional Center
P.O. Box 488
Burkeville, VA 23922


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