Unexpected Friends by Matthew Epperson

Last night, when they pass out mail here, I recieved a very peculiar postcard from Brazil. A man named Tiago, who is a Catholic missionary and does outreach to the prisons in Sao Paulo, wrote on his postcard that he was a fan of my blog and that he was particularly found of my post labeled, ‘A New Love’. Tiago, if you are reading this, I just want you to know that the time you took to sit down and write that, plus the postage you footed to send it, was well spent and impacted me in an indescribable manner. ‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem to do justice for what you did. I had come to a bleak point in my incarceration and your postcard was the enabling benefactor that helped me break through my dismay. My gratitude is suppressed to this blog, but I had to share this with everyone. Thank you, Tiago.

Which then addresses my gratitude to one of the people who made any of this possible; Suzie Jennings. With out her, I would’ve never had a voice or a platform on which to gain an audience. She has given me numerous pointers for my novel A Splendid Compromise, and she has become a friend and driving force that gives inmates like myself hope. She is one of a kind with a grandiose heart, and like Tiago, my thanks could never express how much you have impacted my life.

And last, but not least, comes Chris. A man who, over the past several months, has become a massive supporter and encourager. Without Chris, I’d probably be starving with a stringless guitar! =) He has become very important to me and his generosity sometimes outweighs logical thinking. Love you, Chris and one day, when A Splendid Compromise becomes something, you will be the first one I take out to dinner when I’m released.

Go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812

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