“King for a Queen” by Orie Anderson

Every woman wants a “King” right? A man who will provide and protect. A man who will take care of his responsibilities. A man who will have there back and treat them right. a man who has ambition and drive to be great and accomplish great things. a man who is intelligent, strong, loyal, loving, a great lover and a great father. now you have to ask yourself what do you have to offer a man that can offer you all these qualities? because everything you desire from a person will be desired from you! everything you expect from a person will be expected from you! everything you demand from a person will be demanded from you! you have to be the person you want to find. a Queen is everything a king is, she has ever strength a king has. she has ever quality a king has. So, before you ask yourself why you can’t find a King, ask yourself are you moving like a Queen? I promise you the moment you make yourself a Queen, you won’t have to worry about finding a King. a king will find you! the laws of attraction says you will only get as much as you are willing to give. so if you want to attract the best man with the best qualities, then become the best woman with the best qualites! think about because kings only want Queens! period!

Orie Anderson
DOC #a560232


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