Deshaun Wilson

”This is a short story about me” by DeShaun Wilson

Now I been in prison for 21 years I’m 39 years old ,I’ll be 40 this year October. Yes, I’ve been in prison since I was 19 years old , shot a person he tried to hurt my mom & brothers. But I didn’t kill him & they gave me 44years, that’s crazy I’m doing more time then guys actually murder people. And the reason why I’m in Lucasville is because a C /O felt he can force me to fight him , & it’s on camera that he push me to the ground & sat on my chest calling me all types of names. This was at Madison prison when it was a level 2 , I been there for about 10 years before this happen . So they knew I didn’t cause this & they could see that I kept my hands up while he was sitting on me, now this was a new young C /O .( white). Now they told me to take this on the chin as it shouldn’t matter cause the time I’m doing . So get here & they threw away all my belonging that I own, & the 4B level I had to go through guys were animal’s they was throwing waste at each other all kind of things I never want to go through anything like that again. So despite all that I manage to stay out the way ticket free for 3 years so now I’m going up to get my level drop to a level 3 . And through all this in 2016 they told me I got Ulcerative colitis disease, now I never heard of this until they explain why things was happening to me . I honestly thought I wasn’t human the way I worked out ( beast) off this planet , well I see I am’ it’s like Crohns for them don’t know. And I ask God why is this 44 years & being treated as nothing isn’t good enough, being alone in such darkness watching my love ones grow older & see the next generation coming through , my daughter made me a grandfather. She has a beautiful son & a daughter on the way, & my son he is in college he made me so proud. But his mom I take my hat off to her, despite that I couldn’t be there to help raise him she stayed strong & broke the chain. I have so much respect for women y’all are goddest, my mom & grandma stayed strong as well with no man to help out. And God allow things to happen to make us stronger & to call upon Him & trust in Him depen on Him. He helped me to see through my spiritual eyes to forgive & prayer is powerful I watch T D Jakes every morning he preaches very powerful. It helps me to get through these hard times in this hell , they make you get naked all the time they take thing from us at will it’s as we don’t have any rights. I ‘ll be heading to another prison but the same thing over & over again, this is why inmates be looking to be put on medication to see nothing to feel nothing even I was once on them. So much pain & suffering it’s so dark cold & lonely who can understand such misery? Y’all out there could never understand what it ‘s like behide these wall , now it’s for guys that rape woman & kids & murders but not for all of us most of us do deserve a second chance .

DeShaun Wilson
DOC #382-576


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  1. This break me heart to read. I’m so sorry for your suffering. I’m going to pray for you and your health in every aspect. Your sentence is crazy long too- seems messed up. But God is there with you in every dark moment, he is closer than your own heartbeat and he cares for you. God bless you.


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