Walter Johnston lll

Introducing walter johnston lll

My name is walter johnston. Walt for short.Iam 37 years old, 190 lb hazle eyes brown hair. iam a country boy at heart but also at home in the city. Iam very outspoken love to share my thoughts and ideas Life is to short you cant sit around and hold yor toung. You have to get up and stay on the move and voice your opinion. If not life will pass you by run you over and give you the finger on the way by lol. I love art and everything about art.My passion is drawing, painting and tattooing. Iam a jack of all trades and a master of just a few lol. For the last year i have been held captive bt the ohio prison system. I got locked up in october of 2010 and i get out october of 2020. This stay has tought me alot of things but not alot of those things are good lol. Dept of rehabilation & correction Well ther is alot of correction but not alot of Rehab but i will touch on that when i have alot of time to write like days lol. Some people would call me an asshole and a raceist. Cause i dont hold my toung and i refuse to be ran overby anyone. Prison life is a world inside a world . There is more to this a part 2 if you want to put it that way till then i hope to here your opinion and dont get me started on goverment and religion lol

Iam very outspoken and very anti gorverment. Iam s skinhead from way back. I love to put my views and words to the net in hopes that they will be viewed and dicussed by other people of the same belief. also looking for someone to talk to from time to timeif you know anybody.Im not a weirdo or a stalker lol just looking for some like minded people. Well i wanted to keep this breef and to the point hope to see you on my account soon. well you can reach me at just type in my name and prison number walter johnston A646880 thank you for your time stay tuned for part 2 Respectfully Walt

Walter Johnston III
DOC #646880

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