Hey there Ms. lovely rare and divine flawless diamond,
First and foremost let me acknowledge you for the queen that you are and say your beauty is like the expression of excellence along with the effervescence of being extremely addictive and that the honor of your character possesses such value, and truthfully your presence is as adoring as watching the waves gently caress the sand on beaches in the summertime, and everytime I stare into the loveliness of your eyes I become captivated by the secrets of seeing you desire more of wanting the fulfillment of life’s happiness, and its so precious and appreciative often hearing you express the value and worth of being a extroverted woman, and need I have to say that your open and very punctual personality will cause any civilian or being on this wonderful earth to stop and become captured in awe. Your essence and elegant fashion of always displaying the sensitivity and attraction of confidently expressing your femininity reminds me of love’s portrait I’ve always dreamt of painting without becoming consumed by the fiction of fantasies, and of course I shamefully with humor often drift in wow as I coyly see the burning anticipation of your inner cougar fire of being restricted from being able to unleash the desires of only wanting to casually climax in adventurous pleasures. its many many men like myself waiting to be captured by someone like your self I pray to the higher power that I get blessed with someone like your self. its so many women in the world waiting for a person like my self but its takes two to make a miracle happen, add me to your jpay accounts so we can begin to conversate about life as a free spirit. ……. call me at 330-2617358/256-7869569 @melvin330 Facebook

melvin shaw jr
DOC #a624671

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