My Friends by Matthew Epperson

In this place I’ve met some amazing, artistic, and genuine people. It goes without saying, you can’t judge a book by its cover, even though most people do. Heck, even I do it. I digress. The artists, musicians, and/or cultured people live their lifes in here as if they simply made a mistake out there; nothing more. Much like myself, they are not being swept into the negative prison mentality that riddles the masses. No, they, or we, know that life has so much more to offer than a fence. Now, fortunately for us, we have an out date and will one day be free to prove ourselves worthy of democratic existence, but I’m learning everyday that freedom is a mindset. These friends of mine are kindred in this thinking and they live with hope of a better tomorrow. Also, they are damn talented! I’ve only met approximately 6 people in my 3 years of incarceration that I consider friends. As it stands, only one of those 6 are within my vicinity while the rest are in other facilities. The reason why these people are special to me is because of what I’ve LEARNED from them; spanish, art, music, or even philosophy. I’ve also made good by clearly making sure these people know how much they mean to me. So, I guess I want to give a shot out to all genuine people. I hope you all have success in your lifes and are not limited to the fences, mental or literal, that surround you. I hope you tell all of the people that impact your lifes positively that they matter. And most importantly, I hope you all take time, money, or resources to support these people in your lifes. There are hundreds of ways to say I love you, but action is the only way to prove it!

Go see something live!!

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812

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  1. Thanks, Matthew! You seem like someone who likes meeting people and learning something from them. That’s a good way to be- stay postive!


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