Chaz Israel

Introducing Chaz Israel

My name is Chaz Israel I am 33 (34 in May).I was incarcerated in December of 2000 and I have a parole hearing on January 4 2024.I really do not know what to say about myself,I have never been asked about me.I believe people that I have in my life would say that I am loyal, honest, good hearted,open minded,and funny. I am a strong person,I have been locked up for nearly 20 years and I have not let it make me a violent bitter vindictive person,I have my bad days like anyone else,but through it all I keep my head up.I am somewhat of antisocial and I say that only because people take advantage of kindness and use you,and I try to stay out of trouble. Now if you are a person that genuinely needs help or advice and you come to me,I will do my best to assist.I was 16 yrs.old when I became incarcerated,so I don’t have much life experience,no children, I do have a large family whom I love and I know love me.I do wish I was closer,but I understand the circumstances make it difficult. I am a spiritual person,I don’t gravitate towards any particular religion,so I just try to treat people the way I would be treated,even those that wish I’ll of me.That is all I think it is to know about me,I hope you understand the things that I write and understand that this is the first time I have ever exposed my thoughts.
to contact me directly go to Jpay too email me Chaz Israel 412-511
or snail mail:

Chaz Israel #412-511
Le.C.I 56
Lebanon,Ohio 45036


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  1. Hi Chaz, I enjoyed reading this. You write very well keep writing, lots of us out here are interesting and reading along. Hope you enjoyed your first blog. Wow, such a long sentence to give a 16 year old. I’m from the UK, so I’m always pretty surprised by how sentencing is different in the US.


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