( A WOMANS WORTH TO MEN ) by: Melvin shaw

hey how are you ladies doing out there, I hope you are taking care of your self to the fullest, in not putting your self second. Ladies we men adore everything about you we sit in speak mostly about women 24/7 I have to say the conversation far in beyond just sex. we men tend to ask one another ?’s about woman. sort of lame because you would think if a man wanted to know something he would just come in ask you. well may be he don’t know how to pop the question. we men we tend to not know how to just be grateful for one women what is the point of being with all these other females when we have this one special women who has her head on he the right path. she’s independent, confident, sexy,charismatic, and e.t.c what more can you ask for that’s sounds like a winner in my eyes. just to add the fact if she’s a cougar, that’s my type I love the ones already set in there ways. its always room to learn from a experienced woman but the question is can she handle a young strong man with alot of energy willing to do the foreplay she’s never thought she would get. đŸ™‚ can I get a hand clap. but us guys tend to make bad decision when we are in the middle of a fantastic relationship. we have to use our head In realize the woman we have is worth alot value. brothers we have to keep them happy and do the odd things they ask us to do we have to make sacrifices in life for the one you love. you gotta put your boys to the side we they want to watch football or something. because they will around but your woman prolly will leave if you keep neglecting her. TOO ALL THE WOMAN know what you are worth its does not matter how you look, your size, your color, men want a women who value there self. I personall love a strong woman who can hold her self through anything. I feel if a woman give in to easily then she can not be of much value. we men need to be put to the test like uncle Steve Harvey says in his book make us wait 90days that will give you time to know who you are dealing with. I want to get to know you all the way. they guys who can’t wait them 90days will prolly up in leave in about three weeks but don’t be upset be glad because you didn’t need him anyway. a real man will stick around to win you over like a trophy we all want a nice trophy. that was well worth the battle for. you understand ladies! we men all want something that’s hard to get makes us work for the you. know that you are the catch. every woman has something unique about them god gave everyone a gift but its up to you to find out what is that can attract men. looks is good but its not everything. I want someone who has a awesome personality willing to be opened minded to things I also want some one who could be there when I really need to talk someone. we men need a woman who is not afraid to give us opinions. your voice count ladies speak your mind. I have a few questions for y’all those.
what qualities do you look forward to in a meeting a new man?

cougars what would you want a young man to do more for you?

women would you rather buy your men wordrobe?

would your rather plan sex,rather just have it when ever?

do you want your man to open and talk more to you be more romantic?
ladies you are everything to us but you have to be a bit stern to us as well, out us in our place sometimes women knows best. in when your in that mirror getting ready to head off to work or where ever say to yourself that you are a WOMAN OF VALUE! listen to Alicia keys song she says it the best. never settle for less until then I’ll be waiting on your response

Melvin Shaw Jr.
DOC #a624671


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  1. My favourite qualities in a man/woman (it doesn’t change):
    – A sense of humour.
    – Independence.
    – Unwavering kindness.
    – Loyalty.
    – Honesty. Like real honesty. If I look fat, tell me. If I can’t write for shit, tell me. Just help me be better.

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