this blog is for every woman out there who wonder why the significant other,friend always does the unexplainable stuff. for example a man who always flaunts his net. worth in the fancy things he purchased. is usually label a materialistic. guy but in all reality we know money is something that we all need in life to get by who wants to live a life where you have to live pay check to pay check? not knowing how you will come up with the money to buy your kids clothes. I say that to say us men need to make smarter choices when it comes to valuing the almighty dollar. but at the same time we men need to understand money can not but happiness. its only a temporary thing like drugs, once its taken away your subject to face the real you. they say ppl who are poor are crazy because they lack self confidence. but I feel the same about certain ppl who has a lot of money because they decide to all sorts of crazy things. but to sum things up we the ppl use money as a mask to cover things up. but at the end the day your still feel sad in the inside. I believe ppl should identify the problem instead of putting it off to the side. (pt2) THE SEXUAL SHEILD ( “a man’s need to conquer women actually reveals a tremendous helplessness that has made a sucker out of them for a thousands of years- Robert Greene women why do you think men. are like this?. what ways could you change a mans ways about how views you? sex is not everything to a relationship. its a pleasure/reward, that we should have to work for. woman I expect for you to view your self as a trophy not everyone will be able to have you. all the good men will go cars they can to prove they are for while the others will fall short to the race in give up because there heart is not it. believe that? but I know that communication goes infinity with woman and men. you will likely remember the soft words I sang in harmony to you verses how good I was in bed. if I’m wrong tell me but I want to be remembered by my words and unconditional loving I gave you. women out there understand your worth you are a woman of much value. you are a priceless trophy waiting to be won. there are alot of good guys out there and in here who are just waiting for the right one to take a step In connect with them. sincerely

Melvin shaw #624671
p.o box 56 lebanon Ohio 45036

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