Keith Brooks

“Success Is The Greatest Revenge” By Keith “Chaos Loc” Brooks

I am at a point in my life to where I finally realize that success is the greatest revenge. I read a comment that a ignorant person left pertaining to my “Love, Loyalty, and Respect” blog and it really ticcled me pink. While that ignorant person was hating on my positive message to the readers, I was laughing countin money. LCM! 🙂
I will never comprise my personality or conceal my identity to impress someone. That makes absolutely no sense to me at all. That would make me an impostor. Only a “fake” individual will do something like that. When I speak and write my blogs, I don’t try to talk blacc or talk white. I talk like Keith “Chaos Loc” Brooks because I am who I am. I look how I look and I talk how I talk. I can only be myself. I’m very proud of who I am and what I stand for. I represent strength and intelligence. I don’t represent being an uneducated jailbird blind to reality. I love myself and I know exactly who I am. I’m not trying to find myself. I found myself and realized who I am over 20 years ago. I’m not a confused individual trying to fit in with the crowd. I’m definitely not uneducated, nor am I illiterate. Despite living the life of a gangbangin criminal my whole life, I’m very educated and intelligent with plenty of accomplishments under my belt.
Despite going to juvenile prison at the tender age of 15, I still managed to get an education and utilize my skills in my everyday life. I received my GED at the age of 18 without even studying for the test. I passed the test my first and only time taking it. After I obtained my GED, I enrolled in barber college and welding. I didn’t really like barber college because I wasn’t very social at that time and didn’t like joking around with my peers in the barber shop. I was way too serious for the barber shop scene. I passed all of my barber college tests with flying colors and received 300 hours before I traded that profession in for welding.
I fell in love with welding and graduated the welding program. Once I got my welding license and became a certified welder, I took my education further and became a welding shop foreman. I began teaching all of the welding students how to sticc, mig, and tig weld. I was a shop foreman teaching the whole class how to weld at the age 19. I’ve built trailers, trucc cabs, barbecue grills, and all type of other things from scratch all out of scrap metal. I can fabricate anything out of metal. There is one thing that I can never fabricate outside of the courtroom though, and that’s the truth. I was “Boss’d Up” doing big thangs as a responsible teenager. I obtained leadership skills at a very early age. I was destined to become a leader at birth. Even though I was a drug dealin Coast banga, I still landed me a welding job that was paying me $18.75 an hour at age 23. I also used my right to vote in the 2008 election. My credit score is over 800 and I manage my money responsibly so I will never be in debt. My advice to the readers is to pay off all of your loans on time and don’t overcharge your credit cards. Pay all of your bills on time and avoid all late fees. Your credit is your life. Having good credit is priority.
I’m the CEO of ECM Entertainment and I manage the career of my artist Grizz Loec’s career. I run my own magazine that’s in the beginning stages right now. I’m in talks with some potential ECM Modelz that’s considering having me to manage their career. I have solid business relationships with many other business owners because I’m a positive corporate businessman. This prison sentence has not broken me down mentally because I’m in total control of my life and destiny. I’m motivated by the haters, cuz I know that my success compared to their failures is eating away at their wicced envious soul. I know that I’m not physically weak by any means and I can physically abuse my haters with ease. That’s a fact… But what is that going to solve by me continuing to do that? Victimizing my haters has only gotten me time in prison. Enough is enough… I have officially changed my way of thinking and the way that I live my life.
Instead of reacting in a negative way to peoples jealousy, envy, and negative comments, I chose to recognize their siccness and learn a valuable lesson from their disease. I turn that negative energy into positive energy and use it as motivation to succeed past my own expectations. It feels really good living a positive life striving to be successful. I’m putting down the guns and knives because “success” is the best weapon of choice. Success is the greatest revenge. Peace!
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  1. Keith let me say this now while I have the opportunity…. we started out as friends ended up as more than friends at points in our life I always wanted things to be different for us both, your life experiences shaped you and mine shaped me pulling us both in very different directions…. I say this to say I always wanted to Love you but I couldn’t Love the lifestyle and I knew that was who you are, my hope was that time would mature us both and somehow bring us back together in the best way. I got nothing but Love, Loyalty, Respect for you no matter your life choices.


  2. My dad was a welder. He could make anything out of metal. He tried to teach me, but I failed at it. I still have a deep respect for welders!

    Also, I have to agree with you about focusing on the positive. I have learned that negative people and critics come a dime a dozen. The positive people are the exception. Hang on to those people who encourage you no matter what!


  3. Philippians 3:8 “Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing CHRIST my LORD. For sake I have discarded everything else, counting it all as garbage, so that I could gain CHRIST.”

    Soulja Success!

    Tho this mess thrust upon me,
    my JESUS has drawn me.
    Out and up from this pit…
    Bought an’ paid for at Calvary!
    So no mo’ with the fightin’,
    with haters despisin’.
    Climbin’ highest with HIM
    without Pride or Self’s lightin’!

    Now Success thrusts upon me,
    by CHRIST WHO won’t con me!
    Bein’ truthful to HIM;
    foolin’ souls who have wronged me!
    So I’m laying down strivin’,
    these guns an’ the lyin’…
    denyin’ Sin’s gamers
    whose lines I ain’t buyin’!

    For GOD’s grace, not G money
    has endlessly drawn me!
    Since HIS scars healed my own
    so HIS sovereignty caught me!
    Now no backwards retreatin’,
    no compromise seekin’,
    cuz CHRIST’s path became mine!
    So JESUS, come quickly!

    As HIServant and Soulja,


    Devotional: 2 Timothy 2:3 “Endure suffering along with me, as a good soldier of CHRIST JESUS!”

    We wear HIS armor and HE fights our battles. In fact, in CHRIST, we’ve already won…so press in and press on!

    Amen and amen!


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