Joshua Hairston

*Day Of Action* by Joshua Hairston

Today… is a Day of action-
words have outlasted many a paling sun-
you’ve spoken of acting, with such passion-
yet, well said is not well done-
mellifluous, a sweet flowing melody dispenses your spell-
speaking most eloquently, you’ve convinced yourself-
master of speech, punctuation and phrases-
verbs,nouns,entendres… you’re precise, concise and punctual in statement-
honestly, your verse goads the patient- … flows so freely-
one is misled to believing, that actions are not needed-
but Today… is Day of action, words have conceded-

“Verba Movent Exempla Trahunt”-(Words move people examples compel them.)

Joshua Hairston
DOC #1411138

Categories: Joshua Hairston, poems

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