single mom’s by Marcellus T. Henry

for all them single mom’s I take my hat off to you cause I know it’s not easy to raise a boy into a man trust me I know I’m my moms only child and I did not make it easy for her growing up but as I got older I seen that and knew that I had to make a change in my life but went down the wrong road over and over again and it took for me to end up in a place like this to really see what I did wrong and I kick myself in the butt everyday that I wakeup in here cause I know that I am hurting my mom by being in somebody’s prison. and I can’t wait to get out to make it up to her the best way I can. and for them single mom’s out there we love you and thank you for giving us life we might not show it but we truly do.

Marcellus Henry
DOC #606-018

Categories: family, Marcellus Henry

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  1. As a single mother of a 18 yr old I worry about him everyday. His father lost his life to the streets. I can imagine what you mother is going through. Love her with all your heart.


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