Kevin Freeman

My Life By: Kevin Freeman

For starters why people judge the next person? Last time I checked God gave me air to breath a place to sleep & eat and most important a mind of my own… But you know what I dislike the most, When somebody try to control my life… First I’m a grown ass man, I can do what ever I choose to do with my life, on all levels because its my life… Second if you gone use something against me just to cut me off, then you didnt fuck with me from the start, and please don’t be a person that do the same shit just on the DL… I’m just saying… Now I know the world is wondering where I’m going with this.. Well I happen to be a Bisexual male… And people light way hold what I like against me… But what I eat don’t make the next shit… Truth be told I love Transgenders, I love Females too… But what ever I like, its none of a judge mental person business… I happen to be a great person, and treat every one with respect… I take care of business when I’m on the streets and since I been in the joint I been holding myself down… And I just wanted to tell This Great World of Individuals, if you didn’t know well now you do… Live your life in don’t be afraid to be your self, love & be real with your self first, and all the rest will fall in place… I’m not afraid any more because this is My Life….

Kevin Freeman
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  1. No you can’t do what ever you want to with your life. Not if you accept God.
    You are clearly just using God as your excuse while actually dissing Him by every word you write.
    Remember no one is entitled to a single thing in life.
    Everything you receive comes from God, including yourself.
    God permits good and bad but you choose also according to your own God-given free will.


  2. You’re leaving out one important thing that is true for all humanity whether we believe it or not. Yes we can choose to live in anyway we wish, but we all have to give an account to God for the life we chose to live. So when we stand before Him on judgement day, what excuse will we have? There are eternal consequences. I chose to give my life to Jesus because He paid for my sins on the cross. Will you pay for your own or will allow Jesus to forgive & wash away all your sins and spend eternity with Him? Or eternity in hell with is the just payment for living our own lives without Jesus. So come to Jesus while there is still time, He loves you.

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