by Zoila Villa

“True Love” by Jennifer Lopez is an honest revealing personal diary with hard won lessons, heartfelt recollections, and empowering story rediscovery and resilience.
I can relate what JLo says that ” Love has always been my message. Love in all its glory, the good and the bad.”

Song” If you had my Love” by Jennifer Lopez
A kind of defining song for me..
“What would you do if I give you my heart”
“If you had my love and I gave you my heart ?”
“Would you comfort me?”
Lyrics to JLO song i can relate what she wants at love and she laying the rules down to new love interest.
I AM~ some one who sings, dances, who expresses herself and connects with people through music
You will Live…
You will Love……
You will Dance again……..

Dreaming of you tonight, I hope you feeling me like I’m feeling you…. I have a crush on someone and I think I’m falling for them…
I love you…
I miss you..

Zoila Villa #WE8159
C.I.W EA-403-Low
16756 Chino-Corona RD.
Corona, CA 92880

Contact: Villa/
or email me on


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  1. For God so loved the world He gave,
    His banner he unfurled in love,
    Upon the rugged cross His Son;
    Wasted to save us from our sin.
    O depth of grace how can it be?
    That Jesus Christ should die for me!

    For God so loved the world He sent,
    The fulness of HIs wrath He spent,
    Upon His one and only Son;
    That we from evil should return,
    Unquenchable, flame of love,
    That God in grace, to us should give.

    For God so loved the World He chose,
    Fetching a people to the cross,
    Whom he would sovereignly, lovingly draw;
    Even though they had broken His law,
    Forgiving, cleansing, making pure,
    In sovereign grace and mighty power.

    For God so loved the world he shone,
    In inky darkness, made Himself known,
    Sovereign, eternal, victorious in love;
    His glory shone from heaven above,
    In Jesus Christ, God’s holy Son,
    Saving His people, making them one.

    (© James R Hamilton, written 21st, March, 2014)


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