“Let me give a toast to Toastmasters International” By Paul Stotts

I want to share about a new exciting group I’ve just joined. The class is one I expect will be benificial for me now and in the future. I’m always excited to find groups that not only are offered here in the prison, but are also offered in the community as well. This group is one I plan to start here, and by the impression the first class left on my, I completly plan to follow up upon my realease as well.
The class is called “Toastmasters.” When I first heard the name, I wondered to myself what in the world could this group be able. asked a few questions and found it highly recomended my several people.
Toastmasters in the largest international not-for-proffit group in the world that teaches communication and public speaking skills. These skills are excellent to learn to build success in business and managment type invironments. This is the field I’ve been taking most of my college studies, so this group is right alonf the lines of what I want to learn and plan to use for future success.
Toastmasters out of Kansascity Kansas has three volunteers that come to our facility each week to hold meetings. These three people literally blew my mind with the dedication they held towards helping us in a prison setting.
One of the gentelmans name was Dennis Beebe. His previous day jod was as a talk radio host for a show on electronics. This man knows how to communicate and his positive presence in the room radiated!!! I set next to him in group and enjoyed every minute of it. He was one of those people that make you smile just by his presence.
Another of the volunteers was a women named Mrs. Kathy Syacina. She was a bit quiet and reserved, however she gave some steller advice to the speakers. I’m guessing I’ll learn a lot more about her as I attend more groups. The third volunteer was a man named Garry Kuntz. He’s a professional story teller, and boy does he know how to hold your attention. All three of these volunteers have been members of Toastmasters for more than 20 years each.
This is the type of prison program that I just love. I can get involved in here, learn a lot, and grow. Then upon release I can make contacts in the community and be a member there.
I’m extreamly excited about this group. I will keep you up to date on who it goes. I give my first 4-6 minute speach next week. Wish me luck.

Paul Stotts
DOC #93319

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  1. I do wish you luck Paul, but actually your enthusiasm is what will make you succeed. Toastmasters is a fantastic organization, as I have participated in several of their gatherings. You’ll have to learn and practice grammar and English yourself, because what toastmasters is renowned for is public speaking. It sounds like you have some awesome examples of what they can produce for you.
    Your confidence.
    In every aspect of open communication with the private and public world. We used to do plays also for our group, so everybody can learn different roles. As for the not for profit…I must tell you they charge dues when you get out. Yes some are volunteering right now for you, but there will come a time when they want your contributions, which pays for some of the meeting rooms and of course, the coffee and donuts. Best to you in this endeavor.
    As always, God Bless you and keep you.


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