Jesse M. Carreker Jr.

Introducing Jesse M. Carreker, Jr.

My name is Jesse M. Carreker, Jr., and I am thirty eight years old. I was incarcerated on October 28, 2001, and I fault no one for my predicament but myself. A series of bad decisions led me down a self destructive path. Although my path was destructive, I’ve made it constructive. Along this journey through Dante’s Inferno, I’ve discovered a litany of passions that I never knew I had. Writing is one of those passions, and it is my aim to share my thoughts, advice, and encouragement through words.

Living in a cage can cause one to either lose his mind or use it. I chose to use my mind. But before I could use it, I had to retrain myself how to think. I had a spiritual awakening that was very cathartic. A lot of mental wounds- which fueled my behavior- were healed. I offer a unique perspective on life because for the last seventeen years I’ve had to watch society transform from purgatory. Since I’ve watched society change instead of living in it, I have seen some subtle things that aided societies change. Some things were good and necessary for our collective cultural evolution. Some things have caused us to devolve.

The society I left is no more and the one that I’ll be returning to in the next four years will be an alien world to me. A world in which I want to add my energy, experiences, and hopes to help shape a better tomorrow. So I invite you to join me on this journey.

Contact the author at

Jesse M. Carreker #1130497
Nottoway Correctional Center
P O Box 488
Burkeville, VA 23922

e-mail me @ by submitting my name or Virginia state ID number: 1130497

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  1. Dude, what a fantastic version of yourself you are creating. I am glad for your epiphany or revelation, as it may be.
    In the moments when we can see ourselves, I believe we can write about anything. And writing has always been the gateway to purifying the soul.
    Dante’s Inferno…cathartic… purgatory; If there was a fourth part to this, it would be called a quadrille.
    i.e. coffee…brewing…aroma…bold: and usually found in poetry.
    The reason they say, for writing in this manner, is that everyone reading, can take a piece of it with them after they’re done. As everyone may perceive the words and intentions slightly differently.
    Therefore I love your set-up in Dante’s Inferno, and the two leading characters, cathartic and purgatory.

    Because you are this masterful in your prose, please pray and see if the Spirit moves you to benefit those less fortunate. Through appeal letters and the like. In the fourteen months of my life spent behind bars, I met hundreds of inmates who were wrongly accused and convicted, ot sentenced beyond the precedence for the charges. Four years is a terribly long time to spend if it’s not absolutely necessary.
    Yet it can be a wonderfully short time, preparing the way for others.
    As always, God Bless you and keep you.


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