It just never ends.
On February 16, Mailroom fart-goblin Ryan Applegate– whose personal war against all anarchist literature made him globally famous –sent me another notice of withholding. This notice indicated that what was being withheld is a CD.
The notice does not indicate who sent the CD, or where it came from, or what is on it, or why it was sent. It also does not indicate any criteria for withholding which is required on the form.
The notice was signed by Ryan Applegate, the same guy who has made it his full-time job to fuck with my mail.
As of the writing of that notice, 60% of the withheld mail at WCI, from 31 October to the present, belongs to me. In a prison of 1500 captives, 60% of withheld mail belongs to one of them… ever since the prison found out I got ‘Last Act of the Circus Animals’ published.
Vengeance of small-minded, shitty people who cannot read a book, let alone write one.
Having received the notice, I sent kites to Fart-Goblin Applegate in an effort to find out some information about the CD. It is not possible for me to decide what to do– either send it out or challenge the withholding –unless I know what the CD is and where it came from. So, I sent kites to the fart goblin to find out.
No answer.
Keep in mind, there is a 15-day limit before the CD gets tossed in the trash. It says so right on the form.
As the 15-day deadline got closer and I received no answers from the fart goblins in the mailroom, I sent the form in a kite to Institutional Inspector Cynthia “Notorious” Hill. As the prisoners’ chief advocate, she is supposed to be able to get me answers.
She sent the form back without any answers at all, simply stating that ODRC Central Office ordered the withholding of the CD.
That still does not tell me anything. I still have no idea what is on the CD. For all I know, it was sent by prior counsel and my whole case file is on there. Or, it was sent from the parole board in answer to my public records request, and it has the photos of my apartment door and door frame that police had withheld– photos that prove there was a break-in and that I acted in self defense.
Could be the greatest hits of the Go-Gos.
No way for me to know. All I know is that the ODRC’s obsession with my mail continues for the sixth straight year and their absolute lack of regard for their own laws and rules also continues.
As best as I can tell, these are the fascist fuckweasels and fart-goblins* responsible for trying to fuck my life right now:
ODRC Chief Inspector Antonio Lee (614) 752-1677
ODRC Counsel Ryan Dolan (614) 752-1765
Mailroom Fart Goblin Ryan Applegate (513) 932-3388,extension 84252
When contacting these assholes, there is no commentary too rude, too inflammatory, or too incendiary for you to express. The aim is to provide the necessary level of discomfort that will make them stop their current, illegal terror campaign so feel free to say whatever it is you think will achieve that level of discomfort for them. The more overwhelming the response, the better my chances of getting these petty idiots to stop fucking with me. For anyone interested, more information on one or all of these fine specimens may also be located at
*Note: For clarification, “fuckweasels” are distinguished from “fart goblins” in that fuckweasels are generally in charge and give the orders, while fart-goblins take the orders and blindly, stupidly carry them out, no matter how mind-numbingly reprehensible. In this instance, both Ryan Dolan and Antonio Lee are fuckweasels, while Ryan Applegate is a mere fart-goblin.

* * *
Sean Swain
DOC #A243-205

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