“Justice?” by Rebecca Boone

Pursuant to my blog on 030818 in which I wrote I had been abused by police & the courts in the years leading up to my arrest & then continued to be abused by them after my arrest. Here are some of the details of the years leading up to my arrest:

A few years into my 20 years as a police officer I married another cop. High ranking, charismatic, well liked in the dept….& a woman abuser of the 1st order (which I would not learn until we were married). He had been a cop his entire adult life & he had been an abuser of women for just as long. Taking girlfriends to watch him beat his wife, the girlfriend would eventually be abused herself. This was before the domestic violence laws & when these abused women tried to file a police report about the abuse they were laughed at by the other officers.

I took restraining orders & temporary protection orders that the police refused to enforce. These officers would cover for my abusive police husband & even act as lookout when he was beating me. One officer came to my home & talked me into getting into the patrol car with him under the guise of talking to him. He then took me to my estranged police husband & left me there as I was being beaten by my uniformed husband.

In 1989 after a particularly bad beating the sheriff said 1 of us would have to leave the dept. Even though the sheriff told me privately I would not be the 1 required to leave my husband had told me that if he lost his job he would kill me. I believed him so I resigned. I would wind up working as an investigator for the District Attorney who told me that if there was any trouble from my husband I would be fired so I learned to cover the bruises.

In 1990 I was 3 months pregnant when my police husband beat me so badly I miscarried our baby. That would lead to the hysterectomy & nervous breakdown I would have just weeks prior to my arrest.

When my estranged police husband followed me & my 6 year old son home from church on Mother’s Day I told my son to run & call 911 while I tried to talk to my husband. There was no talk. He beat me & my son ran out with his BB gun yelling at my husband to stop hitting me. He continued to beat me until he heard the patrol car turn into the driveway. This was one of the times I had a TPO but again the officers refused to arrest him & threatened to arrest me. I went to the magistrate who tried to refuse to give me a warrant until I threatened to go to the media. He gave me the warrant.

Then the real trouble began. How dare me think I should be protected from an abusive police husband!

A week later he beat me again while 1 of his subordinates stood lookout. I took another warrant. But before I could get a warrant the police insisted I take a polygraph test, because he & his police friend said I had rolled around on the ground until my eyes were black. I agreed to take a polygraph under the condition my husband & his buddy take one too. I knew I would pass because I was telling the truth, but I worried because my husband had told me he knew how to pass a polygraph. Well he didn’t pass it this time & neither did his buddy. The investigator who took me to the polygraph examiner was an honest cop so if the records mysteriously disappear….again….I know he would tell the truth about the tests & the results of the 3 of us who were tested.

Even so I was in my lawyer’s office with my lawyer talking to the sheriff on speaker phone when he said he would do whatever he had to do to get those charges dropped.

In the mean time my husbands subordinates harassed me, stopping me in illegal traffic stops so often I began carrying an audio recorder to record & did record numerous illegal traffic stops on me by my husband’s friends. (At the time of my arrest the police confiscated from my purse 4 micro-cassette tapes of recordings of illegal traffic stops. I was reading the trial transcripts & the ADA & the lawyers are discussing the items that were in my purse which the police seized pursuant to my arrest . They mention the cassette tapes. I’m curious to know if those tapes still exist. They should, they’re evidence. They didn’t get them all however & I later turned several more tapes of police harassment over to my lawyer….who not only did not use them but sold out on me & the Motion to Recuse I requested filed with the court & which was filed after my arrest.)

The District Attorney asked me when I was going to leave my husband & go out with him. I told him ‘never’ & he immediately took me out of a training seminar I was scheduled to attend. I gave him a letter telling him that he had taken me out of the training seminar in retaliation for not going out with him& he fired me. I drove to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Atlanta & filed an action against him. Neither this District Attorney nor any of his subordinates should have been involved in the future criminal cases against me but they were. I know from my year of employment there that the District Attorney told his Assistant DA’s how they would prosecute each case he assigned to them. The DA called all the shots.

I had taken refuge at the Battered Women’s Shelter several times & the Director spoke to someone she knew at the Atlanta Journal Constitution who interviewed me…for 2 articles. The 1st article was front page of the Metro section, Sept. 19 th’ 2000, the 2nd was in the Cherokee Co. section, May 3, 2001. I know this is a long time ago’ but you must remember I was arrested Jan.3rd 2003 & have been incarcerated ever since.

I am legally not guilty of the crimes I’m in prison for. More later.

Contact me by e-mail through J-Pay & my GDC # 1179455 or
by snail mail at Rebecca Boone #1179455
Arrendale St. prison D-G-4
P.O.Box 709
Alto, Game. 30510

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