Dan E. Johnson

Surprising My Family With Extraordinary Gifts by Dan Johnson

I will have done 10 years by the time I come home. I have right at 23/24 months left, give or take a day or two. I really feel as though I owe my daughter AKA “Tha Princess” and my son AKA “Lil Man” the world! After doing all this time they still love me unconditionally. Not to mention my wife AKA “Phat”! Believe me, I love my Phat to death!!! She gave me two wonderful kids and no matter what I do I’ll never be able to repay her. But I’ll die trying I promise you that!

After I buy myself some serious clothes and shoes, I’m going to spoil her rotten! She says she want an Lexus LS 430, but I plan on getting her something better than that. Only if she knew how I feel about her taking good care of my babies for 10 years straight. It will definitely be her turn to just do nothing. Enjoy her new house I plan on getting her, ride in her new car and do whatever life throws at her/us. She’s My Queen, The Love Of My Life, THE ONE! I been looking for (“Thee One!”) all my life and I’m so excited about us starting off fresh. I just want the world to know that she is IT for me. My Phat is everything anyone could ever imagine. Um um UMPH! She is some lady is all I can say.

I was married before for 7 years. I did everything in my power to make that work. It turned out to be the worst thing I ever done. My mother told me not to get married but I just had to learn the hard way. ATTENTION: If your mother ever tell you not to do something, no matter what it is just know it’s for your own good. We have to remember that they already been through what we’re trying to do.

I anxiously await for any response from anybody. It would make writing these blogs a whole lot easier knowing that someone is actually reading them.

Dan E. Johnson
DOC #1101246

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  1. Dan, I’m pretty sure people are reading your blogs, as I have read this one.
    However, my heart is burdened by others making the mistakes I have. I made so much money during the 80’s that my daughter had a limousine drive he to go shopping.
    Materialistic objects are not the way to a person’s heart, especially if that person is our Lord.
    Nothing replaces the touch of a hand, the smile in one’s eyes, and the comforting words that ‘you understand’.
    Houses are nice, and cars seem like a necessity nowadays, but I assure you, building wealth within their hearts will out live the life cycle of any manufactured do-dad. God Bless you, and pray daily that he continues to bless them.
    You are more fortunate and rich than you know.

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