Gerald Bates

“Police State America” by Gerald Bates

This is for you Sacramento!!!!!

A menace to Democracy and Liberty has arisen in Twenty First Century America. The acceptance of unfettered Police powers, mass incarceration and our government’s diminishing reguard for personal civil liberties, due process, equal protection and Freedom.
The rights guaranteed to the individual citizen has been eroded by an Ill-chosen legislature and judiciary that holds Police powers and Court policy and procedures more sacrosanct than the rights conferred to the people by the Constitution.
We live in a time where the diminished regulation and oversight of the Police has resulted in a state where the people have become “suspect” first in every encounter and Citizen second. The Police shoot first and ask questions later.
The Courts hold that the Police have no duty to protect any individual despite the motto, “Protect and Serve”. The only duty the Police have is to enforce the rule of law. See, Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales, (2005).
It’s true, the world is a melting pot of fanatical ideology, acts of terror and violence. However, it hasn’t risen to a level in America to support the tyrannical conduct by the Police occurring today. Militarization of the Police equates to a complete Police state in America.
It’s long past time for our elected Representatives to stop accepting money from the NRA and Police fraternal orders to finance their campaigns, resulting in allegiance to their causes, not the best interest of the citizens. It’s time for them to start reforming the laws that regulate Police powers, court policy and discretion.
The time to stop the arbitrary and unjust exercise of Police powers of arrest, search and seizure, mass incarceration and the flagrant use of deadly force is now.
Let the the current ineffective Political regime in office know that “times, they are a changing” come November 2018!!!!! Get out and “VOTE”!!!

Gerald Bates
DOC #1425997

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  1. Holy crap Gerald. You said a mouth full. I don’t think they’re going to let you out anytime soon, for fear that you might start an uprising.
    Even if everything you’ve said is absolutely true. And it is!
    Plus, where did you go to school at? You are well spoken and should be very proud of your abilities.
    If you’re stuck there for a while longer, look into writing appeal letters for some of the inmates that have been wrongly accused, prosecuted and convicted. When I was in, that was at least 10% of everybody there. Out of 22 letters of appeal, 2 citizens were returned to their former lives, and 2 more were reduced sentences. Use that talent and help others, please.
    God Bless you.


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