Alan Thrower

BIG DREAMS by Alan Thrower

By one god
I got big dreams, living and doing those boss things, gold chains, gold rings, pharaoh Egypt supreme. and in my dreams, I’m standing with Kings with big nuts, Ramsey and king Tut. Do y’all wanna know what’s up? I’m up with the universe watching the skies with the sun god Osiris sending powerful vibes, through my eyes I can see, beyond the forces that be, my attempt to reinforce a cultural identity of dynasties receiving my messages on spot. from philosophies and science I learned it from god-Thoth in the event that I should sleep, my knowledge it runs deep, may I create a understanding of life when I speak. Akonot was a god to me in my dreams with answers to all problems and things that’s unseen. boi my life is off-the-chain when I’m sittin back thinking, everything I’ve been through at night’s not sleeping, it’s like a big dream living and doing those boss things and swear life ain’t what it seems…..

Alan Thrower #AI1509

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