by Wendell Parker

Hello out there, how are you doing on this
cold,wet, and chillie day? well it is a very gloomy monday and who knows what the stars
hold for us as they shine so bright, but on the other hand we hold all the cards to are lives,
so why not use theme to the best of are ability?.
I almost quit my college class last week, you
are probly wondering why? well i just got tired
of the bullshit with this place and them stopping are class, are count beening late so
we end up not doing the class and im like look
im not going to be paying $400 bucks and not
getting my classes.
The sky is the limit for me and im going to use
my ability and do all that i can to keep on the
road to succes, but aint it crazy how it is always something are someone that is trying to
derail you from what you are trying to accomplish in yourlife?.
We all know that feeling all to well, so the
question is what do we do about it? well we
first identifiy the problem and then come with the solution to and for the problem, it is one
of are ansewr’s to the problem.
Know on to the next thing in life, making a
change in your life, we may think that it is hard, but it is totaly the oppisaite, we have to
let go of old habits and of loose baggae. There
is no way that we can move on and make a change in life if we continue to dwell in the past and not want to change are life’s.
It’s ok to ask for help cause we all need some
form are type of help, and it maybe just what
you are looking for in yourlife.
So remember, you can do are be anything that
you chose to do, all you have to do is put forth
the effort and beleave that it well happen and
i promise you that all your dreams will come true, if you just put in the world.

DOC #74834

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