THE SINGLE MOM By: Difference (AKA: James Kelly)

My prayers, my heart, and my soul, go out to all single mothers. Whether it just didn’t work out, lost the dad to addiction, or the judicial system. Whatever it may be. My Mom was a single mom. My kids are growing up with just a mom. Do to my actions and choices. Well just because I messed up.
So just because you have started out in a less than “ideal” situation. Doesn’t mean that not only can you and your children make it. You can thrive, and be more than successful. You just have to try harder, push further. Not take no for an answer. Success by any means necessary. With love, affection, and time. There is no reasoned that any woman, and any children. Can be and do anything. It only adds to your success, and makes it better. When you do it through adversity. When you do all the things needed to raise a child. Take care of them, feed them, clothe them, and most importantly give them your time, pay attention to them, and just love them unconditionally. Then not only will it be alright, things can be great.
So my “hat is off” to all single moms out there. I have nothing but admiration, respect and look up to you. You guys are the real warriors of the world. Just do your best, keep your heads up and remember that what you are made of, not your circumstances. Dictate what happens. The situation doesn’t set the course of anybody’s life. It’s about you you respond, and how you rise from a fall. So lady’s just love our children, be there for them. I’m sorry if you have to be the mom, and the dad. But that don’t mean that things can’t be good. So keep up the good work, and don’t take failure as an option. God bless you all.

James Kelly
DOC #59979

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