Matthew Epperson

Grateful by Matthew Epperson

Thank you. Thank all of you who have had an influence in my life and have made an effort to contribute to my cause. I love my family, and I understand some of their dilemmas, but there are even people in my family who have not help me out as some of you have. I have met strangers over the past couple of years of incarceration and people from a whole past chapter of my life that have encouraged, enlightened, and talked me through these times. I have made friends that are now reposting these blogs and sharing the little musical videos that I make. This blog goes straight to my facebook page and is shared with all of my friends, thanks to some of you people. Dare I say fans? =) I hope my expression of gratitude lets you all know how much you mean to me and I pray that one day, out of my success, I can return the favor. Whether it be financial or just an ear to listen to you, I want to return the favors and/or pay it forward. Thank you again, friends, and have a wonderful weekend.

Keep cool, have a good day, and go see something live!!

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812

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