Nathaniel Hill


Living in low income houses, the so-called ghetto housing. Not being able to find a job because of my color of my skin or the clothes and hairstyle I wear. Why me?
Choosing the Islam that fits me and not the one that fits the society around me. Still wondering why people hate me because of what I believe, even though I’m nicer to them, than their christian neighbor. Judging me because of other people misguided action, that hold my same belief by title. Why me?
Not being able to really read or write, until I got locked up in prison. Not having the push from others to do better for myself, and wanting to see others doing well to, until I got locked up. Understanding the importance of life, family, fatherhood, and motherhood, until I got locked up. Why me?
Facing a system that was never meant to help me, only to trap me and enslave me once again, but just in a different way, but not because of my color of my skin, but because I didn’t have the money to pay the debt of my crime. Only the poor and sick minded get put in a place called prison. Getting buried by paper work instead of dirt, by this system that acts as though it helps. Why me?
There is so much to complain about, but I ask myself, why say why me, when what has been meant for my destruction, and became rebuilder and a motivation, as in clay to a beautiful tea cup. This is only the work of Allah, using the evil in my life to shape me into something greater, God willingly. So why the hell say why me, when I thankful of how Allah shaped me!!

Nathaniel Hill
DOC #83060

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  1. Its all in how you look at it. I do believe the weak minded are there. The mentally disabled like my husband. Those of us who didn’t have the cash to freedom. Indeed, God can and will turn around everything meant for evil.


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