Matthew Newton

Something Maple May Be: (the back story) by Matthew L Newton

Gafhania Larson and her son, Maxwell were among the only refugees to survive the attack on Holland. There had been so much blood shed and violence, much of which spread quickly thoughout the most densly populated areas, trickling it’s way into the rural that not many of the countries cheese farmers made it out alive.
Hoping a train west into a small town with an impossible name to pronounce the two made their way to a ship headed to the American continent.

Gafhania was a proud woman with a long family history and wanted nothing more than for her sons safety. She would see him to a zone run by some form of military and then go to work doing whatever she had to to provide for his needs.

But the pair would never make it to a safe zone. While crossing the Atlantic their vessle was capsized and she drowned pushing him up into a lifeboat. Her last look at her son was between the murky glow of sunlight dancing on mirrored ocean as the waves forced her deeper into the abyss.

Maxwell, screaming so loudly that the skipper, an over weight, balding fuckbag with terrible breath and several fingers missing, the same man that had pushed passed them so hard that Gafhania was forced overboard had to close his hand around the young mans throat untill he passed out.

When the boat was found and the four onboard rescued, all that was left of the skipper was his hat, resting nicely on Maxwells head.


“Are you coming or not?”

I can hear Griffin up ahead assulting my friend with his hatefullness. They know I’m behind them. We have been out here in the woods, sitting by this lake for so long that the site was a bit of a mess. It took me some time to clean up and get things ready for the next crew to arrive. If they arrived.

“Give me a few minutes, I’m right behind you.”

They don’t seem to care whether or not I catch up so I’ll just keep doing me for awhile.
When the fire is out and the last of the supplies are lifted I cut out across a stretch of beach that will lead me to the back of our cabin. There I can ditch the supplies and meet them in the cabins small rec-room for whatever plan Griffin has come up with now.

Matthew Newton
DOC #81868

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