Antwan Reid

“A book that changed my life” by Antwan Reid


I had been urged by my mother to write a book , because she believed I had the skills to be successful at that particular endeavor. I didn’t see it at the time , but momma knows best right ? So , I gave it my best shot , picked a suitable pseudonym to go by ( Kingpin) , and from there stems the thrilling , series that I’m very proud to present to anyone looking for a great book to read. Well , I’ll let you be the judge – tell me what you think , okay ? I’ll provide you with a synopsis from each book , and if you want to read more you can go to Amazon. com and purchase the books in their entirety.


never fold book cover1

* Synopsis from “Never Fold ” by kingpin.
After his murder case is reversed on an appeal , Aarco White is more than eager to show that he’s no longer the petty hoodlum that recklessly meddled in mayhem. He is now full-fledged in his ” Gangsta-Boss ” mentality , as he sets out to establish control over the same gritty streets of Dayton , Ohio that once consumed him.
At Aarco’s side , staying true to the G-code is his younger brother , Aaron , who’s ready to prove that he’s nothing less than his brother’s keeper. With nothing to lose and a conviction rate to improve , a newly assigned prosecuting attorney , Sheila Hopkins , has Aarco in her crosshairs as she looks to administer her own brand of justice. All she has to familiarize herself with the man she’ll be facing is his criminal file – which vividly plays throughout the journal entries as Sheila vicariously reads on.
The game isn’t something that you win – its something that you know. The twists and turns of street life are harsh enough to make concrete crumble , but Aarco has the heart of his mind set to Never Fold.


never fold book cover 2

* Synopsis from ” Never Fold 2 : Born & Bred ” , by Kingpin.
Aarco is back in popular demand now that he’s a free man on the streets and his reach now expands beyond Dayton , Ohio to take on the world , as he establishes a formidable empire that reigns supreme over all. Being a ruler of all that he surveys comes natural for Aarco , who has now been dubbed Aarco ” Snow ” White by the music and entertainment industries that embrace his superstar quality that had always been inherent within. Given that most fortunes begin with a crime being committed , Aarco’s criminal background paves the way for authenticity to speak as a born leader that knows the way from poverty to prosperity , and his meteoric rise to money , power and respect demonstrates that his Heavy Hit ta Entertainment brand is one that you can trust.
Aaron , Aarco’s brother , gave his very own life so that Aarco could be free and live out their destiny to be made men , and although Aaron didn’t live to see it all happen there’s a scary familiarity that Aarco finds in the presence and demeanor of his young homie , Hasan. Infact , Aarco identifies so much with Hasan’s self-made mentality and sick flow that he signs him to a record deal on Heavy Hitta Entertainment , and just as Hasan’s moniker ” Scar ” is hailed as the new face of hip-hop , his past life reaches out to pull him back on account of a murder charge that he’s accused of. In haste , Hasan turns to Aarco , his boss and mentor , for guidance that can only come from Mr. Untouchable himself. And , with everything on the line – Hasan’s freedom and his career , Aarco’s empire and the world at large – the two of them join forces cohesively to Never Fold.
Finding it necessary to separate himself from the losers , Aarco goes all out to win and make his entire team victorious in the face of adversity. Never Fold isn’t just Aarco’s way of thinking , it’s Aarco’s way of life ! So , be ready for a story that only a Kingpin can tell… Never Fold 2 : Born & Bred.

Antwan Reid
O.D.R.C. #A426-983

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