Carlos Piper

Beauty…poem by Carlos Piper (aka: LO$)

beauty was a beauty lived her life like its a movie.
young beauty was, had a boyfriend locked in juvi.
boyfriend locked away beauty started dating loosely.
so beauty got promiscuous & started throwing coochie.
beauty didnt like rumors of her being a hoochie
so she smoked the pain away it started with a doobie
parents kicked her out so she found her a lil roomy.
but roomy really wasnt whoever beauty thought she was.
shared a room in neighborhood rolling with thugs.
come to find out roomy was selling her love.
and in return all the hustlers was selling her drugs.
eventually she persuaded beauty that she should get dough.
by selling her body to these thugs so she can get dope.
boyfriend hearing all this from a cell his heart broke.
he kept trying to reach out to her with no hope.
now beauty’s beauty was fading so abruptly.
so beauty wasn’t beauty no more beauty was ugly…

DOC #680422-D

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