Matthew Epperson

“The Beginning of the End” by Matthew Epperson

Last night. So satisfying. I was feeling inspired, so I began some work on the final chapter at a time I usually don’t work. Wow! Not only did I exceed my expectations in progression, but a GNARLY twist like a gift from above. Ever since I’ve been writing this novel, I’ve been spoiling the ending to my peers. A huge no-no. Now, all of you who think you know the ending are in for a delightful surprise. I can not wait to get this out there! I can’t wait for the criticism that is bound to come, and Lord willing, praise. However, we all have to wait. These things can’t be rushed. I’m more than certain after you all read the book, ‘A Splendid Compromise’ you will ask yourself… What just happened? For those of you who are completely clueless, allow me to give you the description.

Homeless. Sick. Hopeless. Shawn has no excuse for his failure. Poor decisions mixed with a drug and alcohol vice have pushed him away from his loving parents. At 20 years of age, and a guitar on his back, an opportunity comes his way to break out into the musical world. The problem is, in the midst of meeting his future talent agent, he meets James instead.

A homosexual with hidden motives, James takes advantage of Shawn’s homelessness. He gives him a place to stay, but with a little price. Over the course of the weekend, Shawn will find himself at the mercy of James and his cohorts… At least until the accident happens. Will justice prevail? Can he turn it around before he’s in too deep? Will he survive until Monday? Or, has he been damned from the start?

Embark on Shawn’s destruction with an unbiased mind. Somethings are just out of his control.

Keep cool, have a good day, and go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812

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