Matthew Epperson

“The Teaser” by Matthew Epperson

Thank God for Mondays right? Getting back to the grind and returning to a routine. What a thrill! At least in here it is. Here is a bit from my story that I hope you all enjoy and I hope it tantalizes your imagination.


“Come on,” said Charles putting his phone in his pocket and opening the car door.

All three of them stepped out into the rain and bolted up to the chain-linked fence that guarded the run down house. Charles lifted the lock franctically on the fence as they rushed up the sidewalk leading to the glassed in porch. With no signs of life, a sagging roof, and siding peeling off the building, it seemed like squatters might live there. The house was as vacant as the alley.

They walked through the porch and opened the back door to a kitchen. The smell of cooking grease and stale cigarettes strangled the oxygen from the air. In the darkness, Shawn saw a mountain of dishes in the sink, a ceiling fan that was hanging on by an electrical wire, and months of newspapers spilling onto the floor. He was sure that the cockroaches would’ve fleed if a light was present.

They walked down the hall that connected the kitchen to the front room. The was a glow coming from an old bubble television in the corner. The TV gave off enough light to reveal the massacre.

There were bodies lying everywhere. Lifeless and motionless; zombified by a dark entity, they all seemed dead. It looked like an acient plague had struck them down in the middle of their sin. Charles paid them no mind as he turned a corner leading up to the second floor.

Curious to the crowds demise, Shawn examined the clutter on the table in the center of the room. It had needles and all sorts of paraphenilia dirtying the vicinity. He realized that he was in a trap house. The women were laid out in half nude with stilettos and fish netting all over the place. This Matthis character must be running a prostitution ring. It was a hopeless hell hole. A real live horror story…


I hope you all enjoyed this little insight and I hope you all look forward to what happens next to our beloved Shawn.

Keep cool, have a good day, and go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812

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